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Heat Therapy?

Saturday, February 17, 2007
Heat Therapy? Category: Pets and Animals
Along with the snow came use of the might shovel and triggering of an old back injury. I've been immobile and useless the past few days. Yesterday was so bad that my mom came over to help me convalesce and she brought with her, among other things, those really cool thera-cure heating pads for the back that you can activate and wear under your clothes at work. I've been wanting to try them, so I was pretty excited about that!
This morning I had too many appointments to cancel, so I sucked it up and went into work. When I got home, all the dogs were willing to go outside, even Isabelle! I chalked it up to slightly warmer temperatures and cabin fever. However, when we came back in, I noticed several of them ran straight for the bedroom.
As I entered the room behind them, I saw the carnage. Cardboard was torn, chewed and spread all over the room. So much for the theracure box that had been safely on my desk in the office, or so I thought. When I moved the huddled group of 3 dogs in the middle of the bed, I was stunned. Under them was one of the back packs, opened and heating them up like a toasty heating pad. Isabelle didn't mind going outside because she had a toasty warm place waiting for her return!
Daisy's pups are fitting right into daily life and routine. They spend most of their time between the living room and the office (formerly the dining room). The food and water bowls are placed where the two rooms join, and they also have a supply in their crate when they are tucked safely away. They have been on dry food now, free-feeding, for a little over a week with their supplements once a day. Their preferred method of eating is to pile as many pups into a single bowl as possible like teenagers cramming into a volkswagon.
Food is very important to them all and they hate to be left out. One day Rizzo was at the far side of the living room and heard munching. Her ears perked up, she tossed her head, let out a yarf, and went running for the food bowl, jumping on top of the pile and knocking another puppy out of the bowl. The next day, she was foraging under the office desk for treasures and I called her from the living room. She cocked her head, focused on the sound, and came runnning at me full throttle with those feet a flying. However, as she passed the food bowl, she came to a screeching halt and jumped in. So much for wanting to spend time with people.
Ellie's are doing great. They are full-fledged pugs now. They want to be in on the action, they are all about the food, and they do their cute little feed me dance when I bring on the chow. They are much more interested in the outside world and are ready to do some investigating.
Hoping to get some new pictures up soon!

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