Sunday, March 11, 2007

Naming Jolene

Sunday, March 11, 2007
Naming Jolene Category: Pets and Animals
We have been playing around with a lot of names for Jolene. You know, sometimes dogs just seem to name themselves. For instance, her call name, Jolene, just appeared in my mind and I couldn't shake it. It's not that I'm attracted to the name, or that I thought that one day I'd use it to name a pup. No, it just popped in and wouldn't leave. With her mother being named Josephine and being called JoJo, it is kind of nice to have her daughter named after her with somewhat of a derivative of her name. And as to her official name, we've been round about with all sorts of possibilities.
What's neat about Jolene is that (when she's not in a flurry of activity and is actually sitting still) she has this really cool thumprint on her forehead. It's a perfect diamond shape. You can kind of see it right in the middle of her forehead in this picture taken today while the pups were outside playing:
What's neat is that she has an ancestor named CH Candyland's Precocious Jewel who went by the callname Jewels. And I found a picture of her above.
Check it out! She has the same diamond on the forehead! So now I'm thinking that Jewel should be somewhere in her official name. Just waiting to hear what the breeders think about it :) Then I'll need to buy her a tiara for special occasions!!

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