Sunday, March 11, 2007

First Day Outside

First Day Outside! Current mood: giddy Category: Pets and Animals
Thank goodness spring is here! Today was beautiful and warm and the first day out for all the puppies. The ex-pen was set up in the yard and they were out to enjoy the sunshine and the earth. They played, dug up their first dirt, foraged for pieces of moss, and ran with twigs. It was a great day! One or two weren't happy about being out at first in the big, scary world, with the sounds of the cars driving by. But pretty soon they loosened up and had fun.
Some neighborhood kids came by and gave the pups some great socializing. Ellie's pups weren't too sure about the new people, but once they warmed up, they had a blast. It's not every day you get such a smorgasbord of fingers to nibble and shoelaces to pull, after all!
After all that activity, I had enough energy to get two of Ellie's up to the "studio" and took a couple of pictures. This framed picture above is my favorite. They were so sweet together!

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