Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jolene the Hoarder

Thursday, March 01, 2007
Jolene the Hoarder Category: Pets and Animals
Jolene seems wonderfully happy and at ease whenever she's put in with Daisy's pups. And I think we finally figured out why. She plays gently with them, so it's not like she beats them up being smaller than her. However, she can STEAL their toys very easily. She will grab a toy and march off to her place of choice. The first treasure chest was the bolster bed. She had so many in there that no one could sleep there anymore! When I picked up the bolster bed for it's occasional wash, and I put all the toys back in the basket, she took them all to the crate, instead.
The pups don't seem to mind. When I fill up the toy basket, they climb in and sleep on the plush toys. Then they eventually knock it over, start to play with the toys until Jolene hides them all, then they get back into the basket and roll it around to another part of the room. Then they pack as many as they can into the tipped basket until they get top-heavy and tilt it right-side-up again. Then they all climb out until it's the last man standing, then he tips it over and they're off and running again. I had no idea how much fun a $3 wicker basket could be!!
Mulan has gone to her new home where she is raising cain, climbing into bags of cat food, holding her leash in her mouth and streaking through the house, and talking smack to all the other animals in the house. Ahhh, finally fullfilling life's purpose ;)
Ellie's pups are getting out and about more. The more time they spend out of the whelping pen, the more adventurous they are becoming. They have made it into the other rooms and are actively playing with mom and getting downright feisty! They go in for their first set of shots Monday and then they can start getting some more exposure.
Thank goodness it finally warmed up! I took Shang over to the municipal building the other day where he followed the chief of police around the office. Maybe he'll be a K9 cop one day??

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