Sunday, March 11, 2007

1 vs 100 Pug Style

Pugs in the toy basket

Friday, March 02, 2007
1 vs 100 pug style Category: Pets and Animals
This morning we had the pug version of 1 vs. 100. Jolene was feeling even more spunky than usual, if that's possible. And she took on all the big dogs. She is the only one that easily fits under the green chair in the living room, so she would dart out, bite at their feet, then run back under the chair. They were all just waiting to get themselves a piece of Jolene, but she is lickety-split quick! Maybe we should include "greased lightning" somewhere in her name. I had to put her back with the puppies before she had the adults ticked off.
Ellie's puppies are cracking me up. They're at that stage where they're trying to take on the world. They stand on the floor, take all 4 paws and stomp them, while stomping around in a circle looking for a challenge. Then they'll bark randomly to see what trouble they can stir up. When they're in the pen, they'll search for my voice and my face. But when on the floor, they prefer chasing feet. Time to pull out the super fuzzy socks and really make their day!
Daisy is doing much, much better. Although she makes some of the world's best puppies, this pregnancy has just been too much on her. So she'll be retired and will enjoy the leisurely life of being pampered and just being a nanny to other puppies (which she loves to do!).
Isabelle is sporting a lovely new pink Puppia harness. Will have to get pictures up. Our resident model is more than willing to pose as soon as we get on the ball! I can't tell you how many puppy pictures Isabelle has walked in front of. She is a camera hound and will sit perfectly for any shot.

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