Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dog Allergies

Dog Allergies? Category: Pets and Animals
Wondering what has your dog itching? There are so many factors that could be affecting your dog. Gator had a mysterious itch and it turned out that if he goes into grass where birds have been and runs into the mites that had been on the birds, then he gets an itch. It took an animal communicator to figure that one out! But for the average dog, it will be something much more simple. Here is a superb article for helping a person figure out what might be causing that itch in their pet:
The body is so full of incredible intricacies, with bodily functions being interdependent. Many people are unaware of the relationship between the gut and allergies. The intestines need good bacteria, also called probiotics, to counteract the bad bacteria that is ingested. And unless you eat yogurt or kefir or take probiotics intentionally, chances are you're not getting enough good bacteria in your system. This can lead to imbalances that can be seen in poor digestion, cramping, diarrhea, and many other intestinal issues. Damage can be done to the intestinal walls, parasites thrive in the poor conditions, and these nasty hosts can enter into other areas of your body through the damaged walls. There are theorists who link degenerative diseases to problems that initiated in the intestines. I strongly reccomend reading into nutrition and probiotics to get a better understanding as to how it might affect both people and pets.
In my research, I ran across a site talking about how there was a study that took children from families who had several generations of problems with allergies and they put those children on probiotics for the first portion of their lives. They grew into relatively allergy-free adults. Based on this study, they gave puppies probiotics the first 6 months of their lives, and even those coming from lines plagued with allergies, they remained allergy-free. (Unfortunatelly I found the article while web browsing and have been unable to find it again.)
We give our puppies colustrum and probiotics mixed in with their puppy food as they are being weaned. You can be assured that the puppies that come from us in late 2006 and after have been provided their initial doses of probiotics and we highly recommend that any new owners follow through with this routine. Just take a couple spoonfuls of moist dog food, mix it with some lukewarm bottled water, and sprinkle a bit of probiotics and any other supplements you wish to give to the pup and let them have their special treat for the day. They love it! And it gives them a great start in life. The same treat can be given to adults showing signs of allergies or itching and over a period of a couple of months you should notice a difference. It might sound like a long time, but repairing the damage that was done over a long time is not an easy fix.

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