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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Updates Category: Pets and Animals
Lots and lots going on around here. Ellie's pups are starting to prefer food over mom's milk and are eating like little piggy pigs. They are letting me know when they're hungry and helping me wake up in the morning so that I can run and get their breakfast. They have been spending more time out and about and are getting curious about more of their surroundings. They're interacting great with the adults and they've been begging for new pictures, so I need to get on the ball and oblige them!!
Daisy's have taken over the office. There is a wicker basket full of toys and lately more and more of them have been found sleeping in the basket on the plush toys. I was at home eating supper last night and Mulan told me that the pups were out of water. So we took care of that right away and she was the #1 star of the pups for a while! They will be 8 weeks old on Friday - where did the time go??
Tony was playing with the dogs the other day and told Petunia she looked like Olive Oil. I about fell out of my chair because she DOES look like Olive Oil. You just have to see her in person. Too funny.
Gator is back out on the road. Patrick is getting him all ready and fattened up to go take on the challenges of the ring again. Letting him show his manly studliness. His head gets bigger with each show he goes to and he is really letting this "I'm da bomb" thing get out of control. So we're going to definitely have to revisit some obedience when he gets back to see if we can cut down on his wanting to throw his weight around. But between you and me, he really is da bomb. Oh so handsome!
And the most exciting news of all - we have a new member of the family! As you know, we've been selectively breeding trying to get closer and closer to a show pug, and we just added our first high falutin' real deal show pug to the family. Although her lines say that she is a distinguished and cultured lady, she isn't above eating the smaller puppies' kibble, stealing toys when she can, taking over the sofa and trying to kick Tony off, and demanding that we cater to her every wish. She's a true blue pug and is working hard on getting everyone here wrapped around her paw. And if we don't immediately cave to her wishes, she does a very convincing imitation of the frenchie death yodel.

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