Sunday, July 01, 2007

Daisy was spayed

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Daisy was spayed
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My precious Daisy, who has nursed two litters of some of the most wonderful puppies ever, was spayed yesterday. Her puppies were some of the most wonderfully emotionally balanced and intelligent dogs I've ever seen. But the second litter was too hard on her physically, so we needed to do what was best for her.

The night before her procedure, I laid down with her to explain what was going to happen so she'd know what to expect. She moved over to the other side of the bed as I talked. When finished, she was still a little offish, so I asked her if she was mad at me and she flopped her body over into my armpit and gave me kisses. The vet staff said she handled everything well and didn't seem to be upset as she was waiting in her crate.

We kept little Rizzo out of her second litter to continue her lines. Rizzo has a nice balance of Daisy's intelligence, Tiki's (grandma) small size and nice nose-roll, and a strong dose of sassiness from somewhere. I'd like to say she inherited Cooter's sweetness, but her sweetness ends when she gets what she wants. For instance, she'll put her paws on my leg soft as a butterfly and look up at me with totally adoring eyes, but once she's in my lap, she just wanted to get there to find out what I was reading, eating, or what she could get into on the desk, table, bed, etc. She is a user and a charmer who has us totally wrapped around her little paw.

But no matter how much we love little Rizzo, there is only one Daisy. :)

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