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Izzy & the treats

Friday, June 29, 2007
Izzy & the treats
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This story is from November of 2006, but I just ran across it again today. That Isabella is such a trip - always into something!

Isabella has this thing for tableware. Silverware, plates, bowls, drinking glasses, corel, anything she can drag to another room. This is one of the greatest prizes in her eyes and when I find a bowl in my bed, I know who brought it there. She has unusual grip for a pug and I'm constantly confounded at how easily she carries things that most others could not.

I have a bag with all the nail tools in it: dremel tool, sandpaper bits, canine nail clippers, and treats for good dogs. I found this big canister of puppy treats shaped like beef jerky and it was part of the treats in the nail bag. Isabella had caught wind of the canister and followed that bag around for 3 days, waiting for the opportunity. On day 3, I pulled the bag down and went into the bedroom to get Angel to work on her nails. Angel was hiding under the bed, so I returned to the living room to put the bag back up and didn't notice that the canister of treats was missing. Although it should have been too large for her, I knew immediately that Miss Isabella had absconded with the canister and had eaten ALL the beef jerky when I saw the empty canister on the bedroom floor.

However, an hour later it was time to hit the road, work was calling. I took Gator and Izzy with me on my errands, including a visit with a new client. The temperature in the car was cool, so there were blankets to keep them warm while I was indoors. On the way to my first errand, my hair appointment, Izzy got in my lap and looked out of the driver's side window, turned to go back to the passenger seat and proceeded to whorf beef jerkey all over my shirt. Thanks, Izzy. She didn't even have the decency to look ashamed, embarassed, or heaven forbid, apologetic. In fact, I'd have to say she looked quite pleased with herself. She certainly felt much better - it was written all over her face. I cleaned up the best I could and got my hair done, then stopped by a clothing store on the way to my new client appointment.

My new shirt and I made it through the client's appointment. But on the way from the appointment to the humane society board meeting, Izzy had one more go-around on my coat and shirt. But I do have to admit that it seemed all worked out of her system at that point and she was much happier. Moreso than I, guaranteed. Never a dull moment.

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