Sunday, July 08, 2007

Who says pugs aren't smart?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Who says pugs aren't smart?
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If you refer to the entry below entitled musings & pens, you'll see how the little terrorists of the house stole my brand new advertising pens. Like any intelligent person, I immediately collected the pens from them, made space in the cabinet for the box, and put them away for safekeeping.
At least I thought I was being intelligent. Turns out that pugs are smarter. When I wasn't looking, they opened the cabinet, and since the only part of the box they could reach was the bottom corner, they proceeded to chew a hole through the bottom corner of my pen box and managed to, once again, get out pens for everyone. There has to be a ringleader. I just can't decide if it's Izzy or Rizzo. Time to set up a in-house security system with a web-cam so I can monitor from other locations. The most devious pug must be caught and sent away to puggy reform school.

I've noticed two new fetishes in the house. Rizzo has taken a liking to terry cloth. Any towel in the house is subject, whether it merely has a corner sticking out of the hamper, or is innocently hanging to dry, or is actively being pulled to and fro across someone's back in a drying fashion, she is there to grab the corner and tug with all her little girl might. If successful, she will streak through the house with her towel, proudly going till she's caught or till she trips over it. Unfortunately, her passion for terry has now extended to my robe since it occurred to her it was equally fun.

And Jolene has a thing for shoes. She doesn't eat them, or destroy them, but she loves to carry them around. Usually the ones I'm currently wearing and may have slipped off for a minute as I sat down to eat or something. She will either fall asleep on them, bring a toy to chew while laying on them, or will move them far enough away from their original location that I have to do some searching. It amazes me how stealthy they are and how quiet they can be when doing their dirty deeds.

So if you're out there contemplating a pug, be sure to fine-tune your third eye. You'll need it.

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