Sunday, July 01, 2007

Musings & Pens

Musings & pens
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Why is it that if one dog uses the very corner of the puppy pad, no one else wants to use it and get their feet wet, but if one dog poos diarrhea on your linoleum floor and you bend down with paper towels to wipe it up, they ALL want to run through it???

All us pug lovers out there know better than to miss the trashcan when we throw away a Q-tip or to leave a pen on the coffee table where it will surely be chewed on the sofa, leaving a lovely stain. Naturally, we keep our pens in a safe place. The other day I'm sitting at my desk, working on some papers and I realize it's very quiet. Then I hear some crunching. I look down and every dog has their own pen. Not just any pen, but my new pens I bought for advertising for my business. Where in the world did they get those?? The brand new, unopened box of pens I had brought into the house a couple of hours prior and sat by the cabinet till I cleared a space to put them away, had already been found, opened, and the treasures shared equally. They looked so content and happy, I almost hated to take them away!

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