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Rizzo at the festival

Saturday, June 30, 2007
Rizzo at the Festival
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Last night my parents & I went to the local outdoor festival and concert. I was busy with projects, but decided at the last minute I could make it, so I cleaned up, grabbed a dog (can't go somewhere they're allowed and not take someone!) and off we went! Rizzo was the lucky candidate last night. She was all decked out in a new harness and tags. She is still such a pleasing puppy that there's been no need to leash her, so this was her first time in a harness and on a leash.

She did pretty good, though. Whenever a quicker set of folks would pass us as we made our way to the concert, she would fall into step behind them, prancing along happily at their heals, ears gently flapping. They they'd get too far ahead and her leash would run out of room. She'd flip her head back with an evil glare at the instrument of captivity and even give it a bite or two. When there was no one else around to follow, she'd fall into step just behind my feet. But when she stopped to smell something and I didn't notice till the leash pulled, I'd turn around to see her with her feet planted, and the harness pulling any possible loose skin up around her neck and face to make her look like a blow fish pug who was not happy about the whole leash thing. It really put a cramp in her free-spirit style.

Once we finally settled, she had many admirers stop to pet her. But as much as she liked them, she was REALLY interested in the people walking by with food. Unfortunately, they weren't as interested in her. The little girl next to us had popcorn and Rizzo pulled out all the cute stops, but all she got were hugs and kisses.

The man in front of us kept putting his hand down to pet her. When she finally worked her way up toward the front of his chair, he snatched her up into his lap and she licked his whole face while he pretended to try to get away from her, but he was chuckling the whole time. She did a complimentary pug job on his glasses, but he didn't even mind that for the few minutes they were able to do the love thing. He whipped out his handkerchief and cleaned them with a huge grin plastered on his face while telling us how cute she was. My kind of person :)

When the music started, she whipped her head around and cocked it back and forth listening for a few minutes, then resumed her intense observance of the food people walking behind our row of chairs. Even though she looked calm, her eyes and nose didn't rest the whole time we were there. Even in the car on the way back, she was so excited at all the fun, she wanted to watch every single thing that went by.

It was a good pug day for Miss Rizzo.

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