Sunday, July 01, 2007

Head-buttin' guard dog

Monday, June 11, 2007
Head-buttin' guard dog
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One of the things Gator loves about being a show dog is all the different people he meets. He struts through the show area, trying to sneak sniffs wherever he can and thoroughly revelling in all the attention anyone is willing to bestow on him. He gets a kick out of all the different people.

Well his benevolence ends when his girl comes into heat. When some folks stopped by the house, he and Mariah were out on the front porch and Gator kicked into a protective mode like we've never seen! He rushed to the edge of the steps and barked with all his fur raised up high. The guys on the front sidewalk ignored him as we talked. When they weren't paying attention to his important message, he actually ran down the steps and head-butted the guy's knee!!!

Turns out our visitor has a male blue pit boxer at home. Gator must have smelled the bully breed on this guy and was telling him to stay away from his woman! Once we put Gator and Mariah into the ex-pen, he was perfectly content, although he did keep an eye on those men just to be sure!

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