Monday, July 16, 2007

Pictures at the Creek

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Pictures at the creek

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I was inspired by the water and railroad pictures at, so I really wanted to get out and shoot some photos today. We have a little creek nearby, so I took Gator and Petunia out and got some GREAT shots. The light was just right, they were adventurous enough that they weren't just at my feet, so I could get far enough away to take some nice pictures.

I was very pleased till I got home and there was no storage card in the camera. It would have been nice of the camera to NOT TAKE PICTURES without one.

So I grabbed Gator, Jolene and Daisy and went back. Again, was getting some decent pictures, but then Daisy got a wild hair, found something worth running with, and led us on a merry chase round the bend and back up to the road. She's grounded. And there was a smudge on the lense, the camera was set to program instead of auto, so none of those really came out, either.

But hey, the afternoon was still young and I had another hour before my next appt, so back I went with Mushu and Fa Zhou in tow and although the light wasn't quite right, we still managed to have a good time The boys thoroughly enjoyed their run. It was the first day any of them had seen water like this except for Daisy.

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