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Adventures of Mulan, Part I

Adventures of Mulan, Part I Category: Pets and Animals
When Daisy and Fabio had their puppies, a very nice family came in search of an addition to their own family. They already had a couple of furbabies, incuding a pug named Akua. When the mother saw the pups at an early age, it was love at first site with little Mulan. So they were able to visit on and off throughout her puppyhood and make the transition to her new home a very easy one. These are some of her adventure stories!
Okay, so life here is beginning to settle into a semblance of what it's going to be from here on out. :) Akua has decided that having a little sis ain't that bad. Okay, so she's trying to nurse (if you know what I mean) and he's not to thrilled with that, but we're working with her and she's beginning to understand that it might not be the best move. Certainly, it's not one that's going to make him love her more.
Here's what her latest adventures have been: she discovered the joy of ice cubes today when one fell on the floor from the fridge. She chased that little guy all over the kitchen. Then, she helped her daddy sweep the floor--the broom was a little scary, but she felt better when she could look at it from between his feet.
She's ALMOST ventured outside after the big dogs. She stood on the doorway and I could tell she desperately wanted to join us, but I figured she'd come out in her own good time. She and Akua have been playing and now that I'm not being obsessively vigilant I've noticed that when she gets out of line, he just smacks her down and holds her there until she rolls on her back and holds her paws up to him. :) He's being a very brave pug about the whole thing. Hubby said that he's establishing his dominance and when she gets bigger she'll establish hers--because she's a woman. :)

The cats still haven't quite asserted their authority, but I know the time is coming. She barks at and chases them until they finally realize they out weigh her by about 10 pounds. Then they turn and do the standoff.

She sleeps in her kennel in our bedroom at night and (here I'm really bragging) NO accidents on her blanket. She's even gone from 11:00 to 5:00 the last two mornings without waking us up! What a big, brave warrior princess pug. Still, I can tell she's a sassy thing and we're going to have to stay on our toes to prove we actually ARE the boss of her.

A couple of nights ago—she went down the stairs (or at least one stair) for the first time. I was taking laundry down to the basement and she was whining and barking at the top of the stairs for me to join her. Her front paws slid to the step below and she stood there with her hind legs high in the air like a cirque de soliel (sp?) performer. I promise I didn't laugh until after I rescued her. J Well, maybe not too much anyway.
She's had her first bath and man did she play it for all it was worth—crying, shaking, carrying on. Had her paws around me the whole time—so we both got a bath. Then dried her off thoroughly and wrapped her in a porous blanket and put her down for a nap on the sofa. Akua felt so bad for her that he jumped up, curled up beside her, and feel asleep too.
Last night, she snuggled on the bed with us for a while before retiring to her kennel. My youngest daughter woke up at 4:00 and consequently woke up Mulan. So, took her outside and then put her back to bed. She was shocked at first—hey, where's my breakfast?—but she went back to sleep quick enough.
She adores her Grandma. The feeling is mutual. I come home most evenings to find them snuggled together watching TV.
Mulan is doing great with the big dogs—she chases the biggest one around my yard and is quickly becoming part of my mom's pack. I have to admit though—she is absolutely spoilt. In fact, Hubby just called to let me know that his briefcase had survived four years of law school and only three weeks of a pug puppy. Apparently, she chewed through the handle last night while he was studying.
Okay, now on to the fun stuff. Mulan is getting so big. She still looks tiny to me, but the pink fleecy jacket I bought her when she first came to stay with us is now barely fitting her—it used to hang over her tail—now it barely comes to the end of her hiney. She loves going outside—though the last day or two she has come to the realization that "Oh, they EXPECT me to go outside and take care of business." Before, I think she just thought it a happy coincidence that she took care of business and we had a parade in her honor. J Silly puppy!
I think, too, that she's so busy playing with the other dogs when they go outside that she forgets to take care of business first. So, we are now taking her outside by herself. Then she can go out with the boys when she's done. She'll pick it up in no time—she's so smart. She's working on her sitting and doing pretty good. She's leash trained now—though she still feels as if she should carry her leash around with her. She is doing so well.
She actually slept on the bed with us earlier this week. I know J I said she couldn't until she was housebroken, but she was curled up next to Akua and they were both snoring so happily. She slept through the night. We tried to let her sleep out the next night, but she was more intent on playing than sleeping. She and Akua are getting along fabulously. They play like bandits all the time and more and more she's able to keep her stash of toys. Though, I have to say Akua is quite the greedy thing—if he can steal it from her, he will. He likes to steal things and then jump up on furniture because he knows she can't get up too. The other night he jumped on the footstool to get away from her. She couldn't get up behind him, but he had forgotten to hitch his fat puggy butt over the edge and she took a chunk out of it. J You could tell it stung.

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