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ParvAid Category: Pets and Animals
In our continuous search for education, we have come across a product that is very popular in certain circles. It is a natural remedy called ParvAid that treats parvo with a very high success rate. I first read about ParvAid on the site http://www.wolfcreekranch.net where I bought some diatomaceous earth as a natural wormer. I went through the rest of their products and was impressed with their selection. Since then, I've heard reference upon reference in different groups where I read messages about how wonderful ParvAid works and how many people always have a bottle on hand, just in case. The testimonials on it are terrific. After talking with the woman who runs Wolf Creek Ranch (she also has an animal sanctuary there where sick animals are treated holistically) and discussing some of the issues in our household, I ordered some products and decided to become a distributor. When I have time to re-arrange the website, you'll see links and product information on all the items that they sell and I'll have them on hand here for those who are interested.
Some of the things that their products treat include: parvo, distemper, worms/parasites, coccidia, giardia, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, uti, kidney issues, cancer, allergies, vaccinosis, and general health. Check out their site - they have so many helpful products!

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