Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Raw Food

Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Raw Food Category: Pets and Animals

I've been researching raw feeding for about a year and have only gone so far as to make the satin balls for Gator. However, with a combination of events, we are starting to make the leap to raw feeding, starting with Tiki and Daisy. They've only had a couple of chicken thighs so far. Happy to report no diarrhea or other visible ill effects. On the second one, Daisy managed to eat the bone, but on the third she didn't even finish the whole thigh!

To help with the transition, I joined the yahoo group RawFeeding which is HIGH volume and 4000 members strong. There are so many posts that daily digests have to be sent out about 4 times per day! But the wealth of knowledge and the obvious experience of the folks there who have the good heart to help out the newbies is incredible. They've made me much more brave about the switch. Here are a few sites recommended by one of the advisors in the group:

http://www.skylarzack.com/rawfeeding.htm http://wwwrawfeddogs.net - complete with recipes
http://www.rawlearning.com/rawfaq.html http://rawfed.com/myths/index.html http://www.rawmeaty bones.com - this one has a .pdf you can d/l and read free

Have any of our readers and friends fed raw? What were your experiences? Any recommendations?

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