Monday, April 30, 2007

Adventures of Mulan, Part II

Adventures of Mulan, Part II Category: Pets and Animals
P, our youngest cat, is a great lover of pugs in general. Thinks Akua is his personal buddy. So, we were really surprised that he always seemed to avoid Mulan. When she chased him, he jumped on the chairs to get away, but otherwise made no effort to interact with her. Sure, he would creep close and sniff if she was asleep, but other than that nothing.

Soooo, tonight after dinner, Mulan was baby-gated in the kitchen. P jumped in there with her and reclined on the kitchen bench. So Mulan, abandoned by all, thought yeah, a friend to play with. She started jumping at him and barking. Each time she jumped up, she got a smart box around the chops. We didn't intervene because she's pretty much been tormenting him and B (our other boy cat). She leaves M (our queen) alone because M told her about a week ago, "Oh no you didn't" when Mulan barked at her.

After a few b-slaps, Mulan just kind of milled around beneath the kitchen bench, bewildered. Then, we noticed P reaching out and tapping her head and then withdrawing when she pounced. He would reach out his paws, extend his pads (because he has no claws) and tap, tap, tap. It was one of those moments when we really wished we had a video camera present. P had finally realized that she was old enough to learn her place in the family--and that, according to him, was definitely beneath him. :)

Mulan just came in from outside with the girls--she managed to find a mud puddle out there and yes, wallowed like a pig. Guess who needs a bath? In her muddied state she ran into Akua's kennel and seeing a chance to be free of the little curmudgeon, Akua shut her in. LOL!

Okay, last night Mulan decided, "I'm done with this stinkin' kennel" and made a concerted effort to dig her way out—from 11:00-12:30 a.m. I finally caved (huge mistake, I know) and brought her into the bed. From there it was all drama and panting, because of course she'd gotten herself all worked up trying to tunnel out of Shawshank. Finally, around 2:00 she calmed down and started to snooze. Then up again at 4:30 for a brisk romp around the yard and breakfast.
We generally put her in her kennel while we're getting ready for work, etc. because we can't keep an eye on her and that's usually when she gets into the most mischief. She howled, she fretted, she dug, and otherwise told us exactly what she thought of us for daring to put her in solitary. When she quieted down for a moment and when we were ready for work I opened her door and she shot out of there like she was loaded on a spring! J Hubby said, "Yep, she's done with the stinkin' kennel." So now, we're on the look out for a bigger bed, since ours is definitely too small for me and Hubby, three cats, one adult and somewhat chubby pug AND one little pug. J Who would have thought such a little stinker would run the house?
We've come to the conclusion that Mulan is no Couch Pug-tato. Can I just say she is the fiercest little thing I've ever met. She totally RULES this house.:) We were just discussing, as we watched her open up a can of whoop hiney on Akua, that she wasn't at all like her mama--who is reported to be laid back. But no matter how wild and ferocious she is, she's still soooo darned cuddly. Up until a week ago she was sleeping curled up on the top of my head. (Yep, that staying in her kennel until she's house trained didn't last long. :)) Now, however, she's decided she's got puggy things to do in the middle of the night and she's been jumping off of our bed to investigate. Sooo, alas, she has to go in her kennel. She has reached the stage in her house training where she knows what she has to do, but doesn't always want to do it. So we've instituted our standard policy of "no off leash" policy until both cylinders have been emptied. No spankings though. The only thing they really get in trouble for in this house is chasing the cats--which, unfortunately, she's managed to convince Akua is great fun.

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