Thursday, April 26, 2007

Amendment to the previous post on Nutro

I must make an amendment to the article below. After speaking with a representative of Nutro, I am understanding the situation more. They are deluged with responses and requests for information. They have had to hire people to help field calls and these people do their best, but don't always have access to the information that we need. It is still a suggestion that they poll the callers to see if a particular product is getting a high call volume so that they can check it out, but perhaps they just don't have the facilities in place to be able to adequately track the information coming through the phone lines.

However, the gentleman mentioned below had sent an email to the corporate headquarters on Tuesday saying that his dog was sick. Today (Thursday), they responded to ask how it was. When he responded that it had died, they took immediate action and requested information on symptoms, UPC code on the food, and they are sending him a packet so that he can send them the tainted food for testing. All of this was in response to his email, so that tells me that corporate is genuinely concerned and is going to try to address this situation. I just pray that they are able to quickly address it before other puppies out there suffer the same fate. But for the time being, my faith in the company is at least a little bit restored.

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