Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Camera Hound

Camera Hound Category: Pets and Animals

I have no idea where she picked this up, but without a doubt, Isabelle is a camera hound. She will run in front of the camera when you're taking pictures of someone else and butt them out of the way. She wants all the attention and the flashes on her.

Tony set up a temporary picture studio in one of the rooms and we started taking pics of the dogs in front of backdrops. He's still adjusting the exposure, etc., but the pictures are getting better and better. Training the dogs to sit still is a challenge, of course. So we put a table up and now they sit a bit better on top of the table.

The first time we took Isabelle up, she jumped off the table. I caught her and put her right back on and LEAP, she was back off again. I told Tony to hurry up and snap, and he did take a shot of the empty backdrop. Isabelle's ears shot up and she stared at the camera. Next time I put her up there, she laid down perfectly still and followed Tony's hand wherever it went and cocked her head at cute angles. You couldn't get her OFF of the table after that!!

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